"My daughter has been shooting with Rich for the last year. To watch her in front of the camera now, you would hardly recognize her from when she first started. Rich has such an amenable personality, he drew my shy little girl right out of her shell. By showing her the pictures during the shoot and pointing out how subtle differences make big impacts, she learned to visualize the shot herself. A skill she is also able to employ in her dancing. Rich is special, he doesn't just take pictures and walk away. He works with the girls to help them understand how to manage their social media presence in a responsible, age appropriate manner. We love working with Rich and thank our lucky stars that we were referred to the group by other families that know the value he provides over and above the spectacular photographs he takes." -Bobbi (Mother of Hailey, Dancer/Model)



"Rich is a fun guy.  Not only is he a great photographer, he's also fun to talk to and interested in far more than just "taking a picture".  He brings out different aspects of someone's personality.  He puts people at ease.  My daughters took to him instantly (6 and 7)." -Jen (Mother of Gretchen and Cordela, Models/Dancers)



"We totally agree with all of these comments and believe that Rich Clark is not only a very polished photographer but a very honest, nurturing human being.  Our family has traveled to L.A. twice from Toronto Canada to have Rich photograph our daughter.  Each time the experience is exhilarating. Rich makes our daughter (and us as parents) incredibly comfortable.  It's also a pleasure to see how passionate Rich is about his work.  He has chosen some unbelievable background scenery (El Matador State Park in Malibu?!?  Gorgeous) and the pictures are flawless." -Wade (Father of Breanna, Model)



"Thank you Rich for all of the amazing photos that you have taken of the twins over the last few years. I couldn't imagine anyone else photographing them for all of their editorial, headshot and portfolio pictures. Dealing with children and duo modeling is no easy feat and yet you are able to capture thousands of incredible images time and time again. Thank you also for the behind the scenes work you put in as well, it is so wonderful to see how you interact with your models! You are extremely adept at building confidence while using your camera to create the most incredible images. I have and will continue to recommend you to anyone looking for a professional yet personable photographer." -Jessica Wright (Mom to Alexandra and Christina, Dancers/Models) 



"When I first met Rich Clark, I had pulled up to the photoshoot and the first thing he noticed was my Wyoming license plates. We started talking about where I grew up and it instantly made me feel comfortable around him. Shooting with him didn't feel like I was just posing for a photoshoot, Rich Clark made feel so confident and brought out my personality with every photo. I didn't feel like a stiff model, posing uncomfortably for some good pictures, which I had felt in the past, he made me feel like my personality and my unique features made every shot wonderful. I'm so happy that I got to spend time not only posing for photos, but getting to know Rich Clark while we spent the day creating incredible pictures. I got to learn about him being a father and a lot of his work which was very inspiring. He also came up with some creative ideas for photos and I was very impressed with how everything turned out. Not only are my photos amazing and fun and full of my own creativity, but they are full of life all because Rich Clark gave me the confidence and ideas that made my first photoshoot with him such a good experience. We already have plans for future shoots and he has helped me tremendously with my social media. I have never connected with a photographer at a shoot or felt so comfortable until I met Rich Clark, he showed me all the reasons I moved to LA to become a model and I am so grateful for all that he has done for me." -Alexa (Model)



"We have had the pleasure to work with Rich on several occasions over the past few years. His work product is top notch and incredibly amazing.  His attention to detail comes through naturally.  Rich is easy to work with, professional, and honest. He has a way of working with people and bringing out the best in them and it shows in the pictures. He's the best!!!" -Lorena, Kayla, and Jaden (Mother, Dancer/Model/Actress, Model/Actor)



"My 16 year old daughter is a new Mystical Model.  We've just started our shoot series with Rich, and we can already see that the relationship will be long lasting!  The photos are amazing and the process is fun and uplifting for my daughter.   She is very comfortable on stage dancing, singing and acting, but being in front of the camera is giving her a whole new confidence!" -Christy (Mother of Kat, Dancer/Model) 



"My daughter, Carly, and I had the pleasure of meeting Rich for the first time in March 2015 in New Orleans, LA.  From that first meeting I knew that Rich was the one that I wanted photographing Carly.  There is an ease, honesty and comfort with Rich during Carly’s photo shoots.  Rich let Carly be herself and captured unexpected moments that usually only those closest to her see; the sneaky smiles, soulful stares, uncontrolled laughter.  He got it all.  He got Carly.  

Over the time that Rich has been a part of our lives, he has helped Carly grow in confidence and presence in front of the camera and in her everyday life.  We are very grateful to him for his support, guidance and friendship." -Leanne (Mother of Carly, Model/Dancer)



"Rich Clark is a amazing photographer. He is a pleasure to work with. He knows how to bring out the best in the person he is working with. He made my daughter feel like a superstar. He captured her personality and talent in every picture he took. I watched her confidence grow in every picture he took. Just from working with him one time made a huge positive impact on my daughter. We are very thankful for meeting Rich Clark and we look forward to continuing to work with him."  -Your Biggest fans, Natalie and Sofia Rosato (Mother and Dancer/Model/Actress)



"My daughter, Jessalyn, had the amazing opportunity to shoot with Rich when she was 16. She had always dreamed of becoming a model, and one of her dreams was to shoot with THE Rich Clark.  I looked up his work and was truly impressed of his artistry and talent as a dance and model photographer.

When Jessalyn had her first shoot with Rich, he was so patient with her and was able to bring her out of her shell. He taught her so much about how to work the camera, and he has such an energetic temperament and a down to earth sense of humor that it brings out the best in his models during the shoot. He has an incredible talent of being able to connect with his subjects, making them comfortable and feel secure about themselves.

Rich is different in that he treats his models like family, always looking out for the safety of the girls when using social media. Being a father himself of children in the social spotlight, it makes him aware of the woes and dangers of social media. Rich keeps his girls under his wing and monitors the girls closely, which I personally love, as a parent.  The passion he has for his work shines through his models and it has been such an amazing experience to watch Rich help to cultivate Jessalyn’s talent as a model. We always look forward to the next shoot and will continue to be a part of the Mystical Model family." -Angela (Mother of Jessalyn, Model)



"I have worked with Rich Clark for years now and he is absolutely amazing. Not only do you receive absolutely stunning photos, you will be laughing hysterically the entire duration of your shoot. Rich Clark is funny, makes you feel comfortable, and is incredibly talented."  -Mara (Model) 



"Working with Rich Clark has been an experience of a lifetime. As a dancer, I always see fellow dancers shooting with photographers that only capture their dance technique in exotic landscapes. While those pictures are always beautiful, what I love about Rich is that he captures the beauty and personality of dancer as a person, not just a dancer. I have always admired models but never thought I could be one until I met Rich Clark. He brings out the best in me and always captures the beauty I never thought I had! " -Cam (Dancer/Model)



"Working Rich Clark has been a life changing experience. I've been so captivated and intrigued by models ever since I was young. One of my dreams was to become a model. This experience helped me understand a different aspect to the modeling world. Every time I work with Rich Clark, I am blown away by the pictures."  -Joanne (Model/Dancer)



"Rich does great work with my daughter, Kailee. He has boundless creative energy and he always brings out the best in her. With Rich's photography, there's always a story behind every shot. I'm so grateful for her photos and I will treasure them forever!" -Renee (Mother of Kailee, Model/Dancer)



"I've known Rich for nearly a year, and I wouldn't trade that time for anything else! Rich is an amazing photographer and person. He is my favorite photographer that I have ever worked with! Ever since I was little, I have wanted to be a model. In every shoot, Rich has helped me further develop my modeling skills. I learn something new every time I shoot with him. Rich makes every shoot interesting and different; he has the most innovative ideas. Most importantly, shooting with Rich is so much fun. He makes me feel confident when we're shooting, and he always keeps me laughing. Rich is the best of the best, and I am so grateful to know him!" -Kailee (Model/Dancer)



"My daughter Vanessa has had challenges with insecurities off and on growing up, even in her 10 years of dancing Hip Hop.  While she can certainly light up a stage from time to time, there are still plenty of moments when she loses confidence in herself.  We are blessed to have met Rich over a year ago.  He has been a big factor in the confidence that my daughter has built since then.  She has always struggled when it comes to completing successful photoshoots in the past, however with that 1st photo shoot that Rich did with my daughter and all the nerves she had, I knew at the end of the photoshoot when my daughter walked away from it with such a rare and huge glow on her face, that they nailed it together! I immediately felt a strong sense of gratitude and happiness.  Rich has a way of working with his clients and bringing out the best of them, no pressure, but helping his clients find ways in which they feel beautiful and confident 1:1 with the camera.  Since that first shoot, we have had several shoots and always count down the days until the next shoot.  We know we are always getting creative and beautiful pictures that capture several different looks, styles, expressions, and truly captures each model's individual personality.  Vanessa and I both agree that Rich has this unique style that brings out the beauty not just in her, but in every model he photoshoots and this is what makes Rich special.  We are forever thankful and are now encouraged that my daughter may have opportunities in the entertainment world that include modeling and acting in addition to her dancing.  The possibilities truly are endless now as I see my daughter's confidence build as a Mystical Model! Thank you,  Rich, we love you!" - Audra (Mother of Vanessa, Dancer/Model)



"Rich Clark is an absolutely amazing photographer, person, and friend. When I was accepted into the Mystical Models family, I was so excited because modeling has always been a dream of mine and I couldn't believe I was taking a step toward this goal. However, I didn't really know how incredible this experience was going to be until I had my first photo shoot with Rich. Within the first 2 minutes of meeting him, me and my mom felt like we were laughing and joking around with a long-time friend. To put it quite simply, Rich made both of us feel extremely comfortable and I couldn't have asked for a better first time photo shoot. I am so so SO happy and blessed to be part of the Mystical Models family and have the opportunity to work with Rich Clark!" -Morgan (Model)



"Rich Clark. A master of professionalism and modeling, he 100% gets it, in every way. I shot with Rich this past Fall, in the middle of downtown Chicago and not only was his location scouting genius, he was able to capture the purest natural light (sunlight), amazing, creative, colorful and wide palette content of photographs I could ask for. Rich is wonderful to personally work with because his spirit and personality is vibrant and amazing and he takes great care personally with each one of his models. He has a true sense of awesome humor as well -bringing a natural, ease and comfort out of us, allowing us to truly be ourselves without any fear or disconnect with the lens. Additionally, Rich has THE most professional coaching approach and, for me personally, he absolutely mastered pulling the emotion from within my spirit, body and soul-which translated beautifully on camera into a final portfolio of incredible photographs. I liken working with Rich to a key, helping me to unlock my full potential of all that I wanted to say and show from within on to each and every picture. A true photographer, who loves his craft and displays that, Rich has the corner when it comes to professional models, dancers, actors, performers and entertainers. He is the best. Hands down. Professional. Teacher. Mentor. Friend. Luv you Rich!" -Liz (Model)



"Two years ago my 15 year old daughter Brittany came to me begging to book a photoshoot with "Rich Clark"!  She was so so excited and I really didn't know what to think.  It was our first experience with modeling.  Two years later I couldn't be more pleased that I said yes to her request.  We have done countless shoots with Rich over the past two years and each one just gets better and better.  Brit loves working with him and every time we have a shoot it's like going on a wild new adventure always with absolutely stunning and amazing photo results.  The most important gift he has given her is a venue to develop much needed self-confidence and individuality.  She always feels great about herself when working with Rich.  We consider him family and are blessed to have him in our lives:)" -Lynne (Mother of Brit, Model)



"I am very thankful for the man that has helped me develop the modeling, photographing, and filming skills that have brought me so far. These professional images reflect my personal growth throughout the past few years, and I owe it all to one of my greatest support systems. Check out Rich's Instagram: Go to @richclark_photo and @richclark_dance to see his amazing portraits of models and dancers, a variety of ages and beautiful faces from all over the country" -Brittany (Model) 



"We were hesitant about our daughter modeling as we have heard so many horror stories about photographers and "modeling".  Rich Clark is the opposite of those horror stories and makes you realize there are good people still in the world today.  Rich is so much more than simply an amazing photographer.  From the moment of meeting him almost 2 years ago until now, we are continually in awe of his work ethic, his professionalism, and his natural talent for showing the models beauty in each shot.  He makes sure that the parents are present at the shoots, are comfortable with the surroundings and poses, and makes the models feel immediately at ease.  His ability to capture our daughter’s personality, laugh, smile, joy and love for dance and life in each picture is a gift we cannot ever repay him for.  We received AT LEAST 500 shots from each shoot and every picture is better than the one before.  He became not only a photographer, but also a dear friend in the process.  Cannot say enough good things about his work and his professionalism with his models and their families.  Looking forward to the next shoot!!" -Shandra (Mother of Maddie, Dancer/Model) 




"I was very nervous when approached to model, as I have never done it before.  Rich made me feel comfortable and made me laugh within minutes of meeting him. He made it seem like I was just hanging out with friends instead of "working" or "posing".  I loved the fact that he would show us (my parents and I) the pictures and give comments and helpful hints so I learned so much from him each time.  He made me love things about myself that I maybe didn't like before. His creativity in locations, poses, and overall look of the photos is just amazing.   I am so thankful for the opportunities to work with Rich and I cannot say enough good things about his work.  His pictures are stunning!!!  I can't wait for our next shoot!" -Maddie (Model/Dancer)



"Rich has an amazing way of making his models feel comfortable and is extremely knowledgeable about how to bring out the best in everyone. I could not stop laughing at his quirky sense of humor during the shoot. He will make even a novice model look like a supermodel." -Stacey (Model/Dancer) 



"Rich Clark is an amazing photographer! We've shot with other photographers in the past but no one captured my child's personality better than Rich! He comes with his own shooting perspectives but allows the model to give his/ her ideas and input as well.  He is professional and personal so you feel very comfortable the entire shoot." -Lizette (Mother of Eric, Dancer/Model)



"Thank you so much Rich for all of your amazing work! You have done Cache's pics from day 1! It began with her "Hello, welcome to LA" look to her 1 yr. in LA look and now beginning to shoot her 2yrs. In LA look :) Thanks Rich for growing with us.  We love you!!!❤️" -Val (Mother of Cache, Model/Dancer)


"Thank you so much for capturing all of my moments and all of my changes as the years have gone by ❤️Ready for YEAR 2 !!!!!  See ya soon! :)" -Cache (Model/Dancer)



"Rich Clark is not only an amazing photographer, but he is truly invested in each of his clients. My daughter had two fantastic shoots with him! Not only did he encourage and instill confidence in her, but he also took his time making sure that we were pleased with every piece of "artwork" he photographed! Yes I said artwork.  He doesn't just snap pictures, he allows his clients to show their artistry and beauty! Rich is not only professional, but he is timely and cost efficient! We were very pleased!" -Donielle (Mother of K'yanna, Dancer/Model)



"Rich always captures everyone's beauty. He is always very comfortable to be around. My first photoshoot with him I was so nervous but from the start he took that away. He cares for us models (for example, if someone he doesn't trust tries to get a hold of one of the models, he gets very protective). He's not just an amazing photographer, he's our friend and likes to see us happy and feel beautiful!" -Vanessa (Dancer/Model)Top of Form